Results. Not Gimmicks.
Strength Training
Growing Stronger, Together
Growing Stronger, Together


Personal, small or medium size group personal training, bootcamp style sessions as well as HIIT training sessions for the more advanced. Whichever program you choose, Fit For All programs are designed to accommodate and challenge any fitness level. I strive to bring you total body fitness, so no two workouts are exactly the same. I care about you and will help you achieve your individual fitness goals. The atmosphere in my sessions is energizing and the enthusiasm is contagious.

Personal Trainer

Karen Finkle

I am committed to helping people set realistic goals, feel better about themselves, build self-confidence, increase strength and their overall well-being.


No Time? No Excuse. I make it easy for you to find the time to get your workout in.


No egos here, I am all about comradery. Staying on track is always easier as a group!


My workouts are designed to get you in shape safely. Progression without overexertion.


Make no mistake, you are going to work hard and you are going to feel great about it.


The feeling of accomplishment that comes along with your hard work makes it all worth while.


I am confident that if you stick with it, your workouts will give you real results that show.

why work hard?

Because You Are Worth the effort

The first step is always the hardest. Fit For all is not a gym or a national chain. I don’t have sales people pushing you to sign up. I want you to immediately be at ease when you come in. I welcome you to come and experience the friendly environment energy and enthusiasm of our studio.