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About Fit For All

Karen Finkle: NASM Certified Personal Trainer


I have never been the type that likes to be the center of attention. I am definitely not a hard body, and my biggest critic is myself. For these reasons, wanted to design and create a studio. where everyone works together, don’t judge one another and comes in to give and get support from other members.

I am truly committed to helping participants set realistic goals, build self-confidence, increase strength and overall well-being. Personal, partner, group or Bootcamp training are great ways for me to motivate and provide clients personal attention in a variety of settings.


Hard Work

Most things that are worthwhile take hard work! Work hard with us and feel great.


Great Results

You get out what you put in! So if you work hard, you can expect results you can see.


No Gimmicks

We offer workout programs that cater your needs, regardless of your fitness level.

More Of My Story

Why I started Fit For All

I had been exercising my entire adult life in one way or another, but never at a gym.  It just never felt like a place that I could be myself. So After many years of owning, building and operating a successful small business, I made the decision to pursue the career in fitness I have always wanted.  I sold my business, became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and founded Fit For All.

When I’m not training clients, I enjoy international travel and spending as much time as possible doing outdoor activities with friends, family and of course our family pets.